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The Repertoire

Chorea Historica represents historical dance in connection with contemporary music and performs with various early music ensembles.
The repertory involves about 40 dances of significant dance masters from the whole Europe. These are from Renaissance to early Baroque, and are mostly shown in authentic choreographies.
A typical concert programme with dance and music takes 60 to 70 minutes and is performed by 6 dancers and 6 to 10 musicians; there are also other short programmes with at least 4 dancers and 4 musicians.The costumes also follow the historical dating of each period.


Rudolfinské tance

Rudolphinian Dances

Dances and music of the time of Rudolf II
European Renaissance dances and music of late Renaissance. Music of the time of Rudolf II, including the sward dance Les Bouffons.
Music and songs are performed by Chairé or Collegium Marianum. Perfomance lasts cca 75 minutes.
Premiere 1.5.2004 "Cáchy - Prague, Corronation towns of Europe", Aachen

Le Gratie d'Amore

Le Gratie d'Amore

A tribute to the four-hundredth anniversary of Cesare Negri's publication Le Grazie d´Amore. Late Renaissance music and original dances in authentic choreographies composed by Italian dance master C. Negri, well known at the Prague court of Rudolf II.
Music and songs are performed by early music ensemble Collegium Marianum. Performance lasts 50 minutes.
Premiere on July 2002 at Summer Festivities of Early Music at Prague.

Písně a tance před branami renesance

Songs and Dances before the Gates of Renaissance

Performance shows the period of late Gothic to early Renaissance music and dances, the way they could have been seen in European countries from 1490 to 1520. There will be over 10 new dances in authentic or self-composed made by Eva Kröschlová.
Music and songs are performed by Kvinterna. Performance lasts cca 100 minutes.
Premiere 2.7.2003 International opera festival Smetanova Litomyšl.

Balladae et balli

Balladae et balli

15th century in songs Sefard Judes and dances of Master Guglielmo Ebreo. It is included also Morisca according to engraving of Israel van Mecken.
Music and song are performed by Kvinterna. Perormance lasts cca 50 minutes.
Premiere 21.6.2004 International festival Czech-German-Jewish culture "9 Gates", Prague

SALTI CIVILES - měšťanské baroko v písni a tanci

SALTI CIVILES - townsfolk baroque in songs and dances.

K. Hirschmentzel (1638-1703), according to handwriting collection of dances from Velehrad.
G. Lambranzi, according toDeliciae theatrales: Nuova e curiosa scuola de´balli theatrali, 1716 Nürberg
Music by Ritornello, Michael Pospíšil
Perormance lasts cca 60 minutes.
Premiere 30.6.2006 Fancy hall, Český Krumlov Castle

Tance italského Quattrocenta

Quattrocento Dances

Italian dances of late 15. century (Guglielmo Ebreo, Domenico da Piacenza), incl. dance Venus, composed by Il Magnifico – Lorenzo Medici.
Music is performed by an early music ensemble. Perfomance lasts cca 20-35 minutes (depends on choise of songs and music).
Premiere 16.5.2002 Valdstain ridding hall, Prague