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The Art Director

Eva Kröschlová is the author of the book "Historical Dances from 16th to19th century", and has been teaching and researching traditional folk and historical dances, rhythm and stage movement at the Theatre Faculty of AMU (Prague Academy of Performing Arts) for the last 55 years. As an expert on the movement/physical expression on stage she co-authored approximately 60 theatre and TV shows. She also worked as a choreographer and instructor in non-professional dance groups. Inspired by her mother, the choreographer Jarmila Kröschlová, she has been studying historical dances since 1943. She also danced in Court dances (Dvorske tance), a show dedicated to historical dances. In 1957-58, she danced with her students in the programmes of New Singers of Madrigals under the guidance of M. Venhoda. Since 1961 she has been working in the choreology section of the International Council of Traditional Music (ICTM at UNESCO). She is also member of CID (Council International de la Danse).

Among her numerous publications are: Dances of Eight Centuries (1963), Dictionary of Physical Culture (member of a team of authors, 1964), Rhythmical Movement Education in Performing Arts Training 1969, Musical Education through Movement (in: Czech Orff´s school 1967, 1982), Rhythmic education in music studies (1969), Polka (1961, in German 1967), Contra-dances of Different Regions (1979), Historical Dances of 16th and 19th centuries - group forms (1981), “Temporytmus” and related terms (1981), Polonaise (1985), Encyclopaedia of Physical Culture II. (member of team of authors, 1988), chapters on the history of dance in History of Arts and Culture, 1989), Zum Tempo in the magazine of the Institute of Performance Practice (Konferenz-Bericht, Michaelstein, 1993), Dance in the Czech Republic (Tanz in der Tschechischen republik, in: Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, Kassel 1998).

Eva Kröschlová worked with the ensemble La Fiamma in 1997-2000. With this ensemble she has prepared, choreographed, and directed three concert performances.

"In every dance there is embedded the whole world of its creators - their feelings, opinions, likes and dislikes, lifestyle etc. To look for these and to express them in an personal own expression - that is the task of their today's performers." EK