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About the ensemble

The ensemble Chorea Historica studies and performs historical dances. Ensemble was founded in October 2000 under the professional guidance of Eva Kröschlová. The ensemble focuses on reconstructing authentic choreographies of early and late Renaissance dance masters (e.g. Domenico da Piacenza, Guglielmo Ebreo, Fabritio Caroso, Thoinot Arbeau, Cesare Negri, Ecrole Santucci). During her studies, Eva Kröschlová was instructed by accomplished experts such as Barbara Sparti, Dorothée Wortelboer, Véronique Daniels, Jane Gingel, and others. She also creates her own dance compositions to original historical music. Her actions continue Kateřina Doležalová. Chorea Historica travels with a repertoire of several dance programmes from early and late Renaissance. From the year 2006 the ensemble has a barok performance (Gregorio Lambranzi), too.

Performs together with early music ensembles, such as Chairé, Ritornello, Kvinterna, Collegium Marianum and Musica Bellissima.

Dancers: Kateřina Doležalová, Jana Passi, Lukáš Klement, Milan Keliš, Vladimír Kočí, Pavel Moc, Magda Mocová, Andrej Švagr, Marcela Švarcová, Irena Veselá Rendlová